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The behind the scenes musical of every talent show!


1. I’m A Star
Segue into bass vamp

2. It’s Time
(It’s your head judge, Russ Cole) 4 bar piano intro
Verse 1

(DES - Your act reminds me of the time I worked with the Jedward. World class!)
Verse 2

(RUSS - Darling, you need a lot of work, but stick with me and I’ll make you a star!)
Verse 3

(COMEDIAN - 'Is it common?' "It's not unusual.")
Verse 4
Vamp until signal for ‘Heavy Metal’ break

(I’m the reverend Ian from St Mary’s down the road)
3. I Used To Be A Good Magician
Segue into bass vamp
(FRANKIE - For my final trick of the night, I’m going to need a volunteer from the audience and my chainsaw!) Cut vamp.


4. Cassie’s Audition Part 1
(Piano and strings only)
Only short pause before Cassie’s Audition Part 2

5. Cassie’s Audition Part 2
Segue into bass vamp
(DES - Well Cassie, we loved you, and the audience loved you. It’s three yeses from us!) Cut vamp. Segue.

6. Cassie’s Audition Part 3
Segue into bass vamp
(2.)It’s Time REPRISE

(DEBRA - We are just going to make sure that the person who deserves to win the most, doesn’t get gazumped by that little madam with her pathetic sob story!)
Bass vamp.

(CASSIE - Make sure I’ll win? How?)
7. It’s All About The Money


(DEBRA - I want to tell you all about the “real” Cassie Kennedy...)
8. Debra’s Lies (Piano only)
Segue into bass vamp.

9. It’s All About The Money REPRISE (Chorus only)

10. For As Long As I Can Remember

(ANNOUNCER - It’s never happened before, but for the second time tonight, please welcome to the stage... Cassie Kennedy.)
11. It Was All I Dreamed


Chorus from It Was All I Dreamed
into I’m A Star Chorus

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Kevin Duncan
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