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The behind the scenes musical of every talent show!


Scene 1 - Outside the TV studios and Cassie's house

Members of the TV crew are setting up for the first round auditions. A queue of contestants starts to form. Cassie is at home with her dad Frankie. Frankie is getting ready to leave for the auditions where Cassie is accompanying him, although she is also wishing she had the confidence to audition herself.

Scene 2 - Backstage at the first round of auditions

The three judges and show presenter are waiting in the wings. The voice over introduces each act as they take to the stage one at a time. We hear buzzes and comments from the judges, most of the acts are terrible. Cassie gets mistaken for an act and ends up auditioning where she also meets, and is ignored by, Joe.

Scene 3 - The press wait for Cassie outside the TV studio

As Cassie leaves she is mobed by autograph hunters and photographers. As Joe and Debra leave, nobody is interested in them at all. Debra hatches a plan for Joe to get close to Cassie, so they can sabotage her chances of winning.

Scene 4 - Russ Cole's dressing room

Before the next round of auditions, Russ asks to see Cassie. He explains to how he is going to use her sob story to help her win the show. Russ also gives her a make-over to transform her into a star.

Scene 5 - Joe and Cassie backstage

Under strict instructions from Debra, Joe sweeps Cassie off her feet.

Scene 6 - Debra backstage

Debra calls Cassie's mum, Karen, and offers her a large amount of money to come and tell the press that she didn't leave Cassie, but infact Cassie and her dad turned against her and threw her out. Debra also calls a tabloid and spreads malicious stories about Cassie.

Scene 7 - Angry press and fans wait outside for Cassie

The press and an angry mob of fans hurl abuse at Cassie. We also see the judges reading all the bad press in the following day's papers.

Scene 8 - Russ Cole's dressing room

Russ asks Joe and Debra to come and see him. He tells them that there is no way Cassie will win the contest and his support is now with Joe. If Joe will sign a contract with Russ's record company he will guarantee a win. Joe leaves in disgust but Debra stays and forges Joe's signature.

Scene 9 - Joe and Cassie backstage

Joe begins to realise his true feelings for Cassie, but is racked with guilt over pretending to be her boyfriend.

Scene 10 - Debra and Cassie backstage

Debra convinces Cassie to change her song for the final.

Scene 11 - The final

Cassie sings her song badly and is booed off by the audience. As she leaves the stage Debra tells her that Joe wants nothing more to do with her.

Joe confronts his mother, before going on stage, withdrawing from the competition and convincing the judges to give Cassie another chance.

Cassie sings again and wins the contest.

Scene 12 - Joe's dressing room

Cassie confronts Joe but forgives him when he tells her how much he loves her and how sorry he is.

The End

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